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Love it! Great job on this. :D

Nicely done! Made me really nostalgic.

Really outstanding job. Concept was clever and well pieced together. Compositions, flow and animation were solid.

My only problems with it were the over use of the action whoosh sfx for a lot of the movements and the harsh almost too dramatic tone shift at the end when the main character is knocked out of the tavern. Might have been the music choice for it more than anything. That segment certainly was satisfying so maybe it was in direct relation to how hard the shift was.

Seriously great job dude, there's a lot here I'd like to learn from you. I can't wait to see what you grace Newgrounds with next!

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Hah! So great. Nice and simple. Really clever concept and well executed. I'm thirstin for that 1000 points but man Day 3 is lethal.

There's something incredibly charming about this game. First game on NG I earn every medal in. Better than Final Fantasy 15.

Aprime responds:

Better than FFXV haha, good joke :D

Not bad, tutorial was nicely set up. Responsive controls and cute dialogue. I like the overall aesthetic but all it could really use is some more visual polish. Nice job!

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Really dig this track. Can imagine designing a whole game to it!

Really enjoyed this track. Makes me want to animate. Nice job.

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Hah nice job on this one! Haven't caught the full play through yet but I've enjoyed what I've seen. :D

coltizart responds:

Thank ya! And yeah I'll put them on for lunch, these Zelda ones usually have some good hijinks :) Also, if you're curious to see the GIF/video version, here's a page for it on my portfolio: http://colten-seamans.com/throwing-bombs-game-grumps/

Nice nice nice! I didn't know you had finished her. Turned out real nice and I'd love to learn more about her...you know...so I can draw her maybe...yes?

cashumeru responds:

thanks fu! when the comms came in i didnt wanna waste too much time on it is all; hopefully when i draw her more its more apparent how she is, but u could probably guess lol

This looks super cute! Can't wait to see more of your work. :D

Skeley-Chan responds:

Awh thank you so much! I hope I won't disappoint!

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