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Afternoon NG!

I've spent a lot of this month thinking and trying to understand myself a little better. There's a lot of variables that are keeping me on edge and making it hard to work but I think this has helped me grow up. I need to be stronger and ready for the changes that are coming in my life. To be prepared to adapt to whatever may be coming my way.


I've been working on GACUCON 2019 promotional material the last few weeks. I created a Persona 5 themed video promoting our newly launched affiliate's program "Looking for Affiliates". We're still a small event and we could use all the help we can getting the word out. Any shares would be greatly appreciated.


3405274_153599935143_fushark_for-house-and-goomba.png                                           3405274_153599937632_Frale-2.png     

I've been experimenting with this style over the last few weeks. Trying to become "looser" with my work in the hopes to establish more confidence. I'd also like to use this style to make more affordable commissions.

I'm a firm believer in charging for what you believe your work is worth. I know my prices can be terrifying but I think my work will gladly make up for it. That being said however I need to understand that my audience(or lack thereof) has a budget that I should try to address if I'm going to do this for a living.

I've been putting off making a commission sheet but it's time I get that done. I'd like to charge around $50-$100 depending on complexity and other variables. How do you guys feel about that?


I've had this beastly commission in the works for Vlad. I gotta say I'm really going +ULTRA on this piece. Ever since Vlad reached out to me about this I've been doing research on the history of DAICONIV in the hopes of creating something truly special.

This dive into animation history has lead me to discover just how influential this video was and I didn't think that I could truly capture the spirit of what DAICONIV means without including everything that I've drawn up. This piece has done a lot for me and I hope to pay back Vlad's kindess 100x's over.

That being said this is certainly something I've been taking my time on. I feel bad about it but I know that I'm attacking it the best way possible to ensure this is a piece to remember.

And that's about where I am now. If you’d like to support me in my endeavor to make a living creating headover to my Patreon or reach out to me about commissions via message of at fu@fushark.com. I appreciate every cent and intend to make you guys proud of every dollar spent.


P.S. Tip your waitress Newgrounds. She needs all the support she can get.


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