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FuShark's News

Posted by FuShark - October 14th, 2016

Evening Newgrounds!

   Been one hell of week for me catching up with work after last weeks hurricane scare put it all on standby. I'm glad that we were fortunate enough to deal with only some light power outages.

   I'm glad that my clients have been extremely patient with me as I toil away to get everything done in time. Been steadily progressing art for the game though at a slower rate then I'd want. I'm just about finished with the rough animations for the main character after that I have 3 enemies to finish up. Once I know all those are polished I'll be kicking it into high gear to finalize animation. That deadline is steadily creeping up on us.

   It's been really nice getting back into animation. I have a love/hate for it that I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with but it's crazy to think that I can actually sit down and find enjoyment in it again.

   Lastly a warm welcome to all my new followers! Illustration work has slowed down since I started working on this game but hopefully what I do post will keep you guys entertained.




Posted by FuShark - October 3rd, 2016

Afternoon Newgrounds!

Been too busy clearing up my commissions queue and working on the game to post any updates. So if you've missed me here's a kiss from me to you. ;*

To start off I finally got around to creating an illustration for Moawling after she made me the sweet pixel art of Kanti I'm proudly using as my icon. I managed to snag a front page spot to boot! So thanks for that everyone.

At the moment we've been working on GacuBrawl for just about a month now. It's been so awesome getting back into game design. I really believe it's what I enjoy working on the most despite the hellacious amount of time we've already put into it. No time for rest yet though, we only have a month and some change before getting this out so crunch time is only going to get...crunchier?

We had a team meeting yesterday to "discuss" the games "progress" and not totally get "trashed". The lovely peeps from Good War Games dropped by to tear are worthless asses up. Got some sweet tips for animation from Bryant, their artist. Check out their latest project Wasabi Horizon if you got a minute, and bitches I know you do.

I'll post a new update once we have our Steam Green Light page up so the internet can butt fuck us about how it's a shitty "Flash" game. Maybe once it's further a long I can talk to the crew about putting together a play test build for me to share with Newgrounds.

And finally if you'd like to keep up with any art in progress I post all that stuff over on my forum thread. I'll be updating that with some new game stuff later this week.




Posted by FuShark - September 9th, 2016


Been pretty busy with work for the last few weeks. Been doing my best to clear my commission queue to free up my time. I was recently asked to help design and animate a game for Gacucon, a game cruise and expo here in Miami. I'm pretty excited to be working on this.

This is my fourth attempt at making a game so unlike the other three I'd like this to actually come out. Can't explain how frustrated I still am over the first project (watch the volume). Time to crack open flash once more and get to work. I'll be sharing my work on the game as I get stuff done.

Kisses to all my latest followers! And to all my old followers you're gonna get what's coming to ya! ;*

Idle animation of Gacu, the main character.



Posted by FuShark - July 1st, 2016

216 Followers on here! That's pretty neat, kisses to all of you!

So I've had increasing computer issues for the last few years. Because of a terrible financial situation I've never put money aside for a new rig. Bills sadly won't allow it on a freelancers salary but I can't leave this off any longer. Would anyone have any advice on purchasing or building a new rig? Any advice would be helpful.

Since this is an emergency I'll probably be dropping my commission rates just to see if I can pull in some extra coin to fund a new machine. So if you were looking to commission me for something now would definitely be the best time.

Not too much else at the moment. Hope all of you are doing swell. Kisses! ;*


Posted by FuShark - June 20th, 2016


I am indeed still alive for those of you who do actually "follow" me. Been busy organizing myself so I can be as productive as possible.

So to start things off I've FINALLY created a Commissions FAQ page. There's also a NSFW Commissions FAQs. Look the FAQs over and pigeon me an email if you're interested. Being a full time freelance artist is tough so I appreciate any coin you guys can throw my way. I currently have no work.

So I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish. For most of my life I've been pretty directionless when it comes to my career, I just always pushed for something in art. The bad part about that is that if you want to succeed you have to visualize it. Since I've graduated from the Art Institute of Miami (Absolutely terrible school) it's been one crazy ride to make my way financially. Thankfully I've never given in but I'm not happy. I need to move to the next level and become more independent. I've always been serious about my artwork but clearly not serious enough. With that in mind I decided that I want to spend the rest of this year figuring out what's next. I need to establish myself and my work. 

I spent the better part of 4 years designing a game that unfortunately will never release. I think it was the happiest I've ever felt artistically. So I'm going to take the route of one of my mentors Dan Luvisi and create a book like his "Last Man Standing". Only my book will be detailing a game that I've always wanted to design. It'll challenge me and help me grow as an artist. Who knows maybe if I get a big enough following I can have the book printed, maybe pitch it to a studio or have the game crowd funded. 

Well, that's all for now. Have a lovely day.

Kisses ;*

Posted by FuShark - May 31st, 2016



     Afternoon everyone! Here's a sneak peek at my final submission for the ONE PUNCH MAN FAN ZINE. I'm honored to be included along 75 other amazing artists in this art book dedicated to raising funds for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Can't wait to get a look at what the others have created.





Posted by FuShark - April 13th, 2016


The blood, sweat and many MANY tears my friend Jonathan Walles has etched into every word of his first novel will finally be available to read this Friday! It's the first part of the story available only for 99¢!

"The story of the GodSlayer, and it’s wielder, the “Anti-hero” is but one of many heroic tales the young princess, Claire Sylvianna, has spent countless hours buried in. Having become increasingly bored of her sheltered life style, Claire spends her days wishing for a far more adventurous life. She soon gets more than she bargained for after a chance encounter with a wandering swordsman named Zane Vahn Ultimenos, a young man branded a traitor with the blood of thousands on his hands. 

His sudden appearance however is only the advent to something far worse. Dark shadows descend upon the kingdom of Sylvianna, and Claire's only chance for survival may be to rely on the lesser of two evils." 

To make this already savory deal much more delectable I'll draw EVERYONE who preoders the book before Friday a free sketch! Get the word out you moblins! KISSES ;*



Posted by FuShark - April 7th, 2016


The Sailor Moon illustration I uploaded last night has been getting a positive reception so I thought I'd make a t shirt version. Order over at my TEEPUBLIC store. Kisses ;*


Posted by FuShark - March 16th, 2016

I've been a scummy lurker on Newgrounds for years. Finally put a ring on it and ready to share my work here.

A little background...From Miami, Florida. I studied Computer Animation at a poor excuse for an "Art College" and put myself in debt out of ignorance. Since then I've jumped into the life of a freelance artist. Illustration, Animation, Graphic Design, Film Editing anything that can pay the bills. 

I'll be sharing mostly my illustrations on here but I do have plans to work on some small cartoons this year.