Entry #13

To the North...

2017-10-23 22:20:53 by FuShark

Evening NG!

   It's been a minute since I posted an update on here. A few months to be precise. So lets get anyone who cares on here back up to speed.

   I've always been terrible about talking with people online/offline and I learned late 2016 that I need to get out more and network. I was asked to help develop a game for GaCuCon(A gaming cruise) that was never completed. Despite this I managed to earn(steal) a part of the company and began to help organize game developer meetups in South Florida. Being involved with the community rekindled my desire to work on games which would lead me to collaborating with a few projects down here. Unfortunately none of which panned out. To top it all off the consistent L's this year affected the work ethic I had developed the previous year. 

   I've fallen countless times in 2017 thanks to failed projects, hurricanes, and lack of discipline but I've learned so many valuable lessons. Lessons that will decide what comes next. There's been a lot of bad but still some good to go around.

   My crowning achievement this year was creating the Pico Day: Reanimated poster for the event this week in Philly. The largest thing I've ever illustrated and a tremendous honor. I also decided to take a trip up there for the show. Probably my first real vacation and first time heading North. Super excited!

   GaCuCon is sailing again next year from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas June 20th to the 25th. It's a small gaming con where we get trashed, eat, play games and eat. We're also starting up the GaCuCon GameJam4Good a series of game jams with the hope of raising funds for charity starting November 3rd. I'd love to see fellow Newgrounders participate!

So that's about it for the shilling. I know I have so much more to accomplish and I'll be working harder than ever. Oh one last thing...






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2017-10-24 12:29:38

cool, I look forward to meeting you at the screening!

FuShark responds:

Sweet dude! :D


2017-10-24 21:30:51

You have survived the Mother Nature, you will continue to survive. Fight on!

FuShark responds:

I'll do my best! TuT


2017-10-27 13:07:39

Awesome :-D Love your art. Socializing "can" be fun. Hope to make it to a NG event in the future myself :-)

FuShark responds:

Thanks Jenni, glad you like my work! The theater night was a blast and I highly recommend making it out to another one.