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Posted by FuShark - March 20th, 2017

Evening NG!

2017 has certainly been a busy year right from the get go. So much so that I just haven't been able to keep up with anything. First, l'd like to welcome all my new followers, I'm at 539 after about 2-3 months of posting nothing. So here's the skinny...

In January I got to take part in GaCuConthe first gaming event on the high seas aboard the Carnival Sensation. Me and the good people at Good War Games were able to complete GaCu Brawl just in time for the event thankfully. Mind you it's buggy as all hell but for a 10 day project I think it's pretty damn solid. Make sure to download it and tell them how awesome/horrible they are. The cruise itself was a blast and I'm officially part of the GaCuCon team now. We're already planning 2018's cruise and I'd love to incorporate Newgrounds and the community in the festivities! More news to come when it's available.

So at the moment I'm diving into a ton of game projects... 

First I'm working to finally complete my first game project Flappin Nutz. The game is practically done but it still has a lot of polishing to go through. Follow Lonely Missile on twitter for more news on it's ongoing progess.

Second I'm working on a game revival project with Good War Games and we're almost ready to announce and reveal the work that we've put into it thus far. I've showcased some of it on my streams in case you wanted a sneak peek. Follow Good War Games on twitter for the juicy deets.

And finally the third project I've joined is The Soul Keeper VR developed by Helm Systems. Soul Keeper is a fantasy action rpg game made for virtual reality. They've asked me to join to help create concept art and 2D assets. The game is scheduled to release in Early Access on Steam soon. Follow Helm Systems and The Soul Keeper on twitter for upcoming announcments. 

So that's about it for projects. I'm trying to fit in some more time for my personal work as it's been far too long that I've completed anything for myself. I plan to start doing a lot more live streaming showcasing anything that I can, if there's anything you'd like to see let me know! Send me at tweet or why not join NG and leave a comment right below!

And speaking of which...

I see you... Running around Newgrounds enjoying every second of it for FREE. Stop playing around with all those hussies. Put a ring on it, show Newgrounds you care and SUBSCRIBE today! Lets make sure this old gal keeps running, maybe buy her a new hat?



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